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I’m Elke Donders (1984) and in 2006 I found my place on the Willem the Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and studied illustration & design.

After graduation I dove into the adventure called RAAF, a Rotterdam art project focused on giving Rotterdam South a place in the art and culture world. A dream place for my maker’s mind. I created an art café and restaurant, came up with menus, designed the interior, organised events and managed the business.

In seven years, it grew out to a big event location.

Every chance I had, I illustrated and designed. Posters, menu designs, beer bottles. At some point, my fingers didn’t stop itching for the pencils and paper. So, it was time to fully focus on illustration and design again. 

In my work, I either focus on creating a specific feeling, create a completely new pattern or look for the absurd. Or perhaps you thought a shark on a bike totally made sense? Fine with me, I like you already. And with my experience in the business, art and event world, I love diving into any project.

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De Kroon,

Schiemond 20-22,

3024 EE Rotterdam

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